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Preparing For Elections

Restore Justice Illinois’ election work begins long before votes are cast. We identify reform-minded candidates, provide guidance for people interested in running, help get out the vote, and provide donations.

Run for office in Illinois. We need members of the General Assembly who believe in compassion.

If you think all human beings have dignity and should be treated humanely, and want to protect important criminal legal system reforms, consider running for local office in Illinois. We can help!

Why We Work on Elections

There are more than 500,000 elected offices in the U.S., each of which has a role in shaping our communities. Running for office is a great way to positively impact your community and help reform the criminal legal system, especially at the state level. We need elected leaders committed to addressing the harms of the extreme sentencing laws of the 1970s and 1990s, particularly where they have impacted children. Run for office today and let’s work together to make Illinois a more compassionate state.

Get Involved

Help Elect Reform-Minded Candidates for political office in Illinois.

The work to elect candidates who believe in fairness begins now. Consider joining our Political Action Team so you can help us support candidates who will protect important criminal legal system reforms and continue moving our state forward.

Restore Justice’s Election Work

Identifying Candidates

We look for candidates who believe in our key values – redemption, dignity, and putting people first.

Providing Guidance

Our Board and volunteers have extensive experience in Springfield and with elections. We can help you run for office!

Getting Out The Vote

Our volunteers knock on doors and make phone calls to get out the vote! They are ready to help you get elected so we can all work together to make Illinois a more just state.

Financial Support

We make donations to candidates who will protect criminal legal system reforms and continue moving Illinois forward.

Ready to run?

Email our team today!