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Restore Justice Illinois in the Community

Restore Justice Illinois builds community through our Political Action Team. We bring together people who want to create change through local elections and give them the tools to knock on doors for candidates, organize and attend phone banks, and otherwise support candidates who believe in compassion and fairness. And we do this TOGETHER, giving people a chance to connect with others who believe in a more compassionate and fairer Illinois.

Our impact is clear: Together, we have elected three Restore Justice Illinois-endorsed state’s attorneys and many state legislators.

Our Impact

2022 General Election

Restore Justice Illinois proudly supported Senator Ann Gillespie (27th District), Senator-Elect Seth Lewis (24th District), and Representative Mark Walker (53rd District) in the General Assembly. All three candidates won their elections on Tuesday, November 8. We look forward to working with them to advance criminal legal system reform. These three legislators are champions of Restore Justice’s signature issue, abolishing life without parole sentences for children and young adults. We’re excited to work with them in the upcoming session to make Illinois a more compassionate state. With our Political Action Team, we supported these legislators by knocking on doors, making phone calls, and giving financial contributions. While the 2022 election is over, we will continue supporting candidates who vote for and protect criminal legal system reform.

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2022 Primary Election

Three candidates supported by Restore Justice Illinois won their primary elections in 2022. Representatives Sonya Harper and Lindsey LaPointe, and Senator Robert Martwick won the Democratic primaries (and later all three won their General Election contests). With our Political Action Team, we proudly supported these legislators because they voted for the SAFE-T Act and other needed criminal legal system reforms. They faced opposition funded by people and groups that oppose compassionate steps forward.

2020 General Election

We endorsed a number of successful state senate and state representative candidates. In addition, we endorsed three successful candidates for state’s attorney — Kim Foxx in Cook County, Jamie Mosser in Kane County, and Eric Rinehart in Lake County. Rinehart strongly stated his commitment to building a system that reflects “a more nuanced and complex understanding of how institutional racism and classism have destroyed the ideal of ‘equal justice for all.’” Since taking office, he has remained committed to those values.

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Let’s work together to elect legislators who believe in sentencing reform and who will vote to move Illinois to a fairer, more compassionate system.

Our Action Team members help us elect public officials who want to protect important reforms, like the SAFE-T Act, and who will vote to keep moving Illinois forward.

How We Form Community

Camaraderie While Advocating for Change

We advocate for change TOGETHER! Join with people who believe in compassion and fairness and want to elect legislators who hold those values.

Get Out in the Community

We knock on doors — together — and make phone calls (usually together on Zoom) for candidates. When we get together in person, we bring swag! 

Weekly Check-Ins

During the election season, we hold weekly check-ins so you can get to know other Action Team members.


Join Our Action Team Today. Help advance criminal legal system reform in Illinois so we can bring people home to their families and communities.