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Get to Know Your Legislators

Building relationships with your legislators allows you to better advocate for yourself and your community.

Knowing who your legislators are is an important aspect of civic engagement. Voting is an integral part of citizenship and one of the best ways you can exercise your rights is to help elect legislators who represent you. To create the best future for yourself and your community, you must know who you are voting for and why you are voting for them.

Taking the time to learn about your legislators can be a valuable asset because their experiences inform their public policy decisions. When interacting with legislators it is important to understand them as people first. While researching a legislator, look for experiences you may have in common with them that might allow you to make a personal connection. Once you have made a personal connection, a fruitful professional relationship may develop more naturally.

Below, you will find ways to get to know more about your legislators.

Get To Know Your Legislators

Here are ways to get to know your legislators.