Welcome to RJI. We’re a 501 (c) 4 organization that utilizes its resources to engage in direct legislative advocacy at the state level. Our “sister” organization, Restore Justice Foundation, conducts outreach, engages in research, provides advocacy training, and supports partnerships with other criminal justice reform efforts.

Learn More About the Legislative Process in Illinois:

  • January 13, 2020 – Chicago, Il. Restore Justice Illinois applauds the Illinois Legislature for sending historic criminal legal changes to Governor JB Pritzker’s desk. If signed into law, House Bill 3653, Senate Amendment 2, would amend Illinois’s felony-murder law, require police officers to wear body......

  • Restore Justice Applauds Illinois Legislative Black Caucus’ Criminal Law Omnibus Bill, Welcomes Inclusion of Felony-Murder Reform Restore Justice Illinois applauds the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus and its criminal law omnibus bill. We thank Illinois Senate Criminal Law Committee Chairman Elgie Sims (D-Chicago), Senator Robert Peters......

And Take Action:

Today’s Action: HB1615, FELONY-MURDER REFORM

Our Focus Areas:

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Our Impact:

First New Parole Opportunities in Illinois Since 1978

2019 Impact

HB 531 – now Public Act 100-1182 – creates new parole opportunities for those under 21 coming into the system today with extreme sentences ahead of them—the first new opportunity for parole in this state since the practice was abolished in 1978.  Individuals seeking review will have the right to an attorney and the Prisoner Review Board will be required to consider the hallmark features of youth and subsequent growth when making their determinations.

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