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Run for office, and let Restore Justice Illinois help you.

If you believe in compassion, fairness, and true justice, and if you want to protect recent criminal legal system reforms — while continuing to build on that progress — please consider running for office. We need elected officials who believe in the power of transformation, who think all human beings should be treated with dignity, and who put people first. If you are interested in running for local office in Illinois, Restore Justice Illinois can help. Our team understands the political landscape in Illinois, has vast experience in Springfield, and can provide volunteers and financial assistance.

Why You Should Run


We need people who value the possibility and power of transformation, dignity and humanity, putting people first, doing no harm, and finding practical solutions to aspirational goals to run for office. We need people with these important values in elected office.

Protect Recent Hard-Won Reform

In recent years, the Illinois Legislature has abolished juvenile life without parole sentences, extended youthful protects to emerging adults (currently people 20 and younger), eliminated money bond, and enacted other important criminal legal system reforms. We need people in office who will protect these changes.

Build On Recent Reforms

We need to continue building on recent reforms. We cannot settle. We need people in office who know that what our communities need is for people to come home; we need people who want to heal families and find real, actual solutions to prevent violence. The status quo hasn’t worked.

How Restore Justice Can Help


Our Political Action Team can support you. Our volunteers are seasoned at knocking on doors and making phone calls.


Restore Justice Illinois provides financial support to candidates who believe in and support our legislative agenda.

Experience in Springfield

Our Board members and volunteers have a vast amount of experience working in Springfield. We know the political landscape in Illinois.

Are you ready to run? Let’s talk!

We look forward to connecting with you.