Stories of Second Chances 2018

It’s easy to turn away from someone they call a monster. 

Unless that person is your child, your family member, or your friend.

In Illinois, a conviction for a violent crime is the end of the road, even for kids and young adults. Our system seems designed upon the assumption that commission of a serious crime makes a person into a monster. We don’t offer parole-for-release or time off for good behavior. We don’t rehabilitate. Decades go by, and families grow apart or go broke supporting their incarcerated loved one.

Is a violent crime an indication that a person is irredeemable, a monster? We believe the answer to that question is no. We believe that our state is an extreme outlier in not recognizing human potential for change and redemption. And we work to change the equation to keep communities safe without sacrificing families to excessive punishment.

At Stories of Second Chances, you will meet people who spent decades in prisons for crimes in their youth; you will meet their mothers, sisters, brothers, and best friends. You will see how the simple act of caring about someone can be a redeeming act not just for them, but for all of us.

Don’t turn away. Join us.


565 W Randolph St
Chicago, IL 60661


Seating is limited. Our 2017 event sold out, so purchase your tickets today!

About the Venue

Restore Justice is honored to return to Proxi for our second year running.

Through a fresh and innovative American lens, Proxi, a sister restaurant to Emmanuel Nony and Chef Andrew Zimmerman’s acclaimed Sepia, scours the most culinary-rich corners of the globe to inspire a menu that celebrates the bold flavors of multi-cultural street foods through pristine ingredients.

Located in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood along Restaurant Row, Proxi unites an award-winning team to transport its guests around the world, beginning with cuisine and extending to an eclectic beverage program focused on worldly inspirations and diverse, exotic ingredients. Designed by Meyer Davis, the restaurant’s undeniable elegance sets the stage, yet its raw industrial elements and warm, inviting furnishings find middle ground in a chic, mid-century American brasserie environment.

Host Committee

Marjorie Benton
Elizabeth Cicchelli
Mitch Cobey
Howard Conant, Jr.

Kevin Gallagher
Mickey Gaynor
De Gray
Tracy Hannan

Jerry Newton
Sheridan Prior
Judy Wise

For more information or to join our host committee please contact Restore Justice at (312) 809-6992 or email at

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